Our Process for Your Success

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The Process

Capturing your Content

  • tagupProfile

    Lay the foundation for your personal brand by completing the sections for your bio, school, academics, summer team, and gear to streamline your most essential information into the tagup community.

  • tagupCam

    Download tagupCam, the mobile app built exclusively to populate tagupShowcase, sign into your account, and begin capturing your content.

  • tagupCompression

    Built into the app to automatically compress your clips into one seamless play, eliminating downtime to create continuous action packed content. All you have to do is push start and stop, and tagupCompression takes care of the rest.

  • tagupTitle

    Each and every play is dynamically titled on the fly and packed with meta-data containing the most pertinent information, allowing you and your fans to easily find and promote your production.

  • tagupSync

    Once you stop recording, your game footage will be synced to your tagupChannel in real-time, delivering an edited and easy to view stream of your plays to your audience instantly.

The Promotion

Control and Communicate

  • tagupChannel

    Feed your following by showcasing your talents, adding top notch titles, tagging up your plays, and sharing your tagup content on other social media platforms.

  • tagupPlays

    You made the play, now utilize tagupPlays to become a part of the most extensive sports search engine of its kind. Whether you’re showcasing a hit or your mitt, remember to claim your game; always tagup.

  • tagupDashboard

    11 custom filters to refine the research process. Academic, state, status, bats, throws, primary position, secondary postion, grad year and travel/club team.

  • tagupShowcase

    Send your exposure through the roof. Take your exposure to the top with our premium video play database, equipped with over 100 algorithms and filters that magnify your profile for coaches and recruiters to see.

  • tagupPromote

    Promotion that matches your devotion. Send your best moments to the next level and boost your brand. Don't get lost in the shuffle. Grab your dream team's attention with tagupPromote.